Press / News 2017


FOM2017 took place in Bordeaux, France from April 9-12, 2017. The annual conference focuses on multi-dimensional light microscopy. JenLab presented an exhibition booth with the multimodal multiphoton microscope MPM and the multiphoton tomograph MPTflex for in vivo skin testing. JenLab's technology was also presented in the following talks:

  • Prof. Dr. Karsten König, Multiphoton Tomography of the Human Cornea 
  • Dr. Andreas Schindele, Skin Age Determined by Femtosecond Laser Multiphoton Tomography
  • Martin Weinigel, In Vivo CARS Imaging of Human Skin with a High Degree of Flexibility
  • Dr. Benjamin Sauer, Multimodal Compact Multiphoton Microscope for Nanoprocessing and Nonlinear Imaging at Variable Temperatures 


JenLab Young Investigator Award 2017


The JenLab Young Investigator Award was presented during the SPIE conference Photonics West at San Francisco on January 30, 2017 to Tianyu Wang for his paper titled: "In vivo three-photon activity imaging of GCaMP6-labeled neurons in deep cortex and the hippocampus of the mouse brain". The $2000 cash prize was donated by JenLab GmbH (Germany).

The second prize ($500) was awarded to Maria Lukina from the Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy for her presentation on: "In vivo metabolic imaging of mouse tumor models in response to chemotherapy".

Both winners are also invited to present their research at the 11th workshop and conference on Advanced Multiphoton and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Techniques FLIM2017 at Berlin, June 30 -July 1, 2017.   Left to right: Maria Lukina (State Medical Academy, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia), Prof. Karsten König (Saarland University & JenLab, FSPIE), Tianju Wang (Cornell, USA)


  The award was given the sixth time:

2012: Mr. Jesse W. Wilson from Duke University, USA

2013: Mrs. Alex J. Walsh from Vanderbilt University, USA

2014: Mr. Gitanjal Deka from National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

2015: Mrs. Yi Xue from MIT, USA

2016: Mr. Thomas Gottschal, University Jena, Germany


The members of the Review Committee 2017 were:

Prof. Paul J. Campagnola (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Prof. Karsten König (FSPIE, Saarland University & JenLab, Germany)

Dr. Arnd K. Krüger (Vice President Spectra Physics/Newport, USA)

Prof. Franscesco S. Pavone (FSPIE, University Florence, Italy)

Prof. Ammasi Periasamy (FSPIE, University of Virginia, USA)

Prof. Peter So (FSPIE, MIT, USA) Prof. Conor Evans (MGH, USA)

  Both winners presented their work as oral presentation during the Multiphoton Microscopy Conference. Prof. Karsten König, president of the company JenLab GmbH, chaired the award ceremony.