JenLab on COSMETIC360 in Paris

JenLab on DOG 2017

JenLab expands its range and presented multiphoton technology (MPT) on German Ophthalmology Society (DOG) in Berlin. We believe that, within the next few years, MPT may be used for high-level quality checks of donated corneas for transplantation in order to increase the number of positive surgical outcomes.

JenLab on ADO Mainz

JenLab presented MPTflex on ADO 2017

11th Workshop and Conference on Advanced Multiphoton and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Techniques FLIM 2017

JenLab sponsors the 2000 Euro cash Johann-Wilhelm Ritter Award for the best presentation/poster

Johann-Wilhelm-Ritter Award  for Innovative Skin Imaging sponsored by JenLab GmbH  2000 Euro

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JenLab Young Investigator Award