JenLab VerticalAge is a software for analyzing vertical skin images from the multiphoton tomograph MPTflex.



  • Automatic determination of the following properties:
  • The location of the skin surface
  • The width of the stratum corneum
  • The width of the epidermis (Minimal, mean and maximal epidermis width)
  • Depth scale of the skin
  • SAAID value in a specified depth under the skin surface
  • Average photon counts per pixel in SAAID calculation depth for the AF and the SHG signal
  • Analyzation of several vertical skin images simultaneously with statistical evaluation (mean, standard deviation and range) of the skin properties.
  • Export of the images (including image properties)
  • Export of the obtained data in an Excel compatible csv-file.
  • Adjustable depth enhancement of the images to compensate scattering of the excitation light.


  • MPTflex including xyz-stage from JenLab GmbH