Product description

A CE-marked system for in vivo multiphoton tomography of skin with submicron spatial and 250 ps temporal resolution


In vivo adaptor


The DermaInspect® is a novel imaging device which provides non-invasive in vivo optical biopsies of skin with ultrahigh subcellular resolution. The class 1M system uses a scanning femtosecond pulsed laser beam for multiphoton excitation of biomolecules like NAD(P)H, flavins, porphyrins, elastin and melanin. Resulting autofluorescence and (SHG) second harmonic generation signals are recorded by fast PMT detectors with single photon sensitivity. The system consists of a compact, turn-key tunable femtosecond near infrared (NIR) laser, a beam-scan module with galvoscanners and piezo driven optics, a fast PMT detector module as well as a control unit including JenLab Image software for 3D and 4D image processing.

z = 0 μm

z = 14 μm

z = 28 μm

z = 35 μm


z = 49 μm

z = 64 μm

z = 77 μm

z = 91 μm

Multiphoton tomography provides a detailed look into the skin
z: tissue depth in μm, please click for larger image