FLIM spectral imaging

The MW-FLIM system is based on a 16-channel multianode PMT detector module in combination with a polychromator and BHís proprietary multi-dimensional TCSPC technique.
The light is split into its spectrum by a polychromator. The spectrum is detected by a 16-channel multi-anode PMT.
The single photons detected in the PMT channels are recorded in a bh TCSPC module. The TCSPC module builds up a photon istribution over the time in the fluorescence decay and the wavelength. The technique does not use any time gating, detector channel multiplexing, or wavelength scanning and therefore reaches a near-ideal counting efficiency. Typical applications are multi-spectral autofluorescence imaging in deep tissue, pH imaging in tissue, combined FLIM and SHG imaging, and investigation of protein interaction by FRET.