Nanojoule sub-20 fs laser pulses at 85 MHz repetition rate can be used to perform targeted transfection and optical nanoinjection of macromolecules as well as optical knock-out of intracellular organelles. Of major interest is the transfection of stem cells. Stem cells may revolutionize current therapy such as gene therapy and tissue engineering. Genetically modified stem cells can be used for the production of immune system mediator proteins. femtOgene has been employed for the efficient targeted transfection of human salivary gland and pancreas stem cells.

Transfection with femtosecond laser pulses is covered by our patents:  DE 10223992 A1; DE 10223921; PCT/DE03/01708; CN 1653185 A1; DE 10162176 A1. 



Targeted transfection of human stem cells. Green fluorescence occurs 1-2 days after sub-20 fs laser optoporation and diffusion of GFP plasmid into the cytoplasm.


Chromosome dissection by femtosecond laser pulses


Nanoprocessing of a human chromosome