MPTflex CARS - Applications

Major clinical in vivo applications include early diagnosis of skin cancer and dermatitis as well as surgery guidance e.g. in melanoma and brain surgery. Multiphoton biopsies are obtained non-invasively and label-free with detailed information on living cells and tissue structures within seconds.
Long-term intratissue drug monitoring under physiological conditions for the evaluation of pharmaceutics and cosmetics such as anti-ageing products have been performed on thousands of volunteers.
Multiphoton tomographs have been used to test the biosafety of sunscreen nanoparticles and to determine the skin age index of astronauts after exposure to UV and ionizing radiation.
The tomographs with their flexible patented scan heads and microendoscopes have been employed for small animal research e.g. neuron imaging in brain and spinal cord as well as stem cell tracking in transgenic mice.
Cell biologists are using them for inverted and upright imaging of
cell cultures.




 Non-invasive label-free in vivo skin biopsies.
(CARS @ 2845 cm-1)


 In vivo multiphoton skin sections of the collagen-elastin network and the lipid/protein distribution.