In vivo multiphoton tomography, femtosecond laser transfection and two-photon FLIM

FemtOgene, DermaInspect and MPTflex

Femtosecond laser technology for:

  • two photon microscopy
  • material processing
  • bio bank research
  • targeted transfection
  • cosmetic research
  • evaluation of skin age
  • melanoma/skin cancer detection
  • in situ drug monitoring
  • diagnosis of skin diseases
  • tissue engineering
  • animal research
  • stem cell research
  • live cell imaging
  • surgery guidance
  • space medicine
  • neurobiology



New: MPTflex-CARS






Please take a look at:
Book: Multiphoton Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging




JenLab provides femtosecond laser technology for medicine, biotechnology and cell biology. Clinical in vivo optical biopsies with subcellular spatial resolution and chemical information based on near infrared femtosecond laser technology can be obtained with the CE marked Multiphoton Tomographs DermaInspect, the SPIE Prism awarded MPTflex and MPTflex CARS.

Applications include label-free skin imaging / in vivo histology for early cancer diagnosis, determination of the skin aging, detection of intratissue cosmetics and pharmaceutics such as sunscreen nanoparticles (in situ drug monitoring), tomograph guided surgery as well as space medicine. Multiphoton Tomographs have been used to track stem cells, neurons and cancer cells in small animals.

Further JenLab products are microscopes and endoscopes for fluorescence lifetime FLIM imaging (TauMap), sub-100nm material processing and nanosurgery (FemtoCut), femtosecond laser transfection for stem cell manipulation (femtOgene), cryomicroscopy (Cryo 2PM), two-photon microendoscopy (2P Endoscope) and two-photon microscopy (2PM).

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